What to Bring to your Meeting with your Luxury Home Builder

What to Bring to your Meeting with your Luxury Home Builder

You may feel intimidated at your first meeting with your home builder, especially if this is your first new build.

You’ve done your research and you’ve chosen a quality builder, but are unsure of how the process starts and whether they’ll really be able to give you the home of your dreams. Well, it all begins with the initial meeting with your builder, so it’s a good idea to go in prepared. You know what you’re looking for; now is the time to communicate your vision to your builder.

To help you get organized and ready for this initial session, here are some things you should bring with you.

Know Your Budget

You should have a firm grip on your budget and what you want to spend. All the decisions you and your builder will be making are going to be based on the budget you’ve planned for the project. It’s probably the first question your builder will pose.

Your Vision of your Luxury Home

If you have a particular floor plan in mind, or special considerations you would like incorporated in your design, definitely bring those ideas to the meeting. Your builder will get a better idea of what you’re looking for, and even if they don’t use your specific floor plan they can ensure the key features are included in your design. At the very least they can identify which of their floor plans most closely resembles what you want. Pictures are a great help to the builder. Exterior architecture, aspects of your floor plan, and any other features you feel might be helpful. The more information you can provide to the builders, the more closely they will be able to realize your dream, and the better their cost estimate will be.

What You Like and Dislike About your Current Home

Take the time to make a list of your likes and dislikes, along with the things you love about the home you’re leaving behind. It’ll help your builder come up with exactly the design you’ll love. Then you can narrow down your choices to suit your budget.

If you like the way your kitchen is laid out or the flow of your open floor plan, even outside features like how your patio is aligned to your home, share that with your new builder.  There are many ways they can incorporate your key features.

Identify a Single Point of Contact

It’s important to select a contact the builder can go to for any questions as the build progresses. Usually it’s someone in your circle that understand everything you want in your new home, what fixtures you like, and even the type of flooring you prefer. Not that multiple sources can’t be consulted for any questions, it’s just helpful if the inquiries are made through a single point of contact the builder can call.  It makes the process go a bit quicker and will certainly make the builder’s job easier.

Pertinent Paperwork

Sketches, pictures, county records if you’ve purchased a lot to build on, and loan paperwork if you’ve been approved for a loan already, are all important to bring to your first meeting. Your builder will see that you are serious and affirms the budget you’ve set.

Your Premier Builder of Luxury Homes

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