This is What Matters in New Construction Homes

This is What Matters in New Construction Homes

Developing a home from the ground up can be an exciting experience. New construction allows you to make every choice and decision comprising your new house, from flooring to back splash tiles. It can be a little overwhelming so it is crucial not to obsess over the little decisions and try to focus on what is really essential in the new home construction process.

As your new home is built, it is necessary to ensure the home is inspected as it develops. You, as the homeowner, should follow up with the contractor as inspections progress to discover how any issues will be handled.

It’s important that you do your research, study purchasing a new construction home as you would research any other major purchase. You’ll want to verify that the company you choose to build your home is of good repute in the community and that they are in favorable standing with local builder’s guilds. You would certainly want to be aware of any complaints or judgments against them before commissioning them to design and build your home. Investigate any independent subcontractors they might hire to assist in the build. All licenses and building bonds should be verified along with insurance coverage and bond amount.

Gather Experts on Your Team

You should definitely consult with a real estate agent as you develop your relationships with builders.  The in-house sales agents will of course have the best interests of the builder as their first priority. Having someone advocating for your interests is imperative, no matter how reputable the builder.

Another important member of your team should be a real estate attorney.  Purchase contracts vary from state to state and they should review all documentation prior to signature to ensure you are represented fairly. Ensure that addenda can be included to protect you throughout the building and purchasing stages. They can also assist you in gaining an understanding of what is covered under the contractor’s service warranties and exactly what is not.

Keep in mind that model homes are often built including many cosmetic upgrades, such as premium light fixtures, upgraded trim and architectural features, and upgraded appliances.  The goal is to attract buyers after all, so the model homes reflect the best of the best.  Presume nothing and ask to obtain a comprehensive list of what the basic home includes as well as what carries upgrade options.

Once the home is complete, a walk-through inspection is required.  During this walk-through, it is the responsibility of the new homeowner to note any flaws in construction they see.  Anything that needs repair should be fixed to your satisfaction prior to the final closing.  After closing, the contractors are free and clear of any defects that may exist, unless there is a warranty provision in your contract for these types of issues.

What to Look for When Considering a New Construction Company

When you are seeking a builder to help you with your new home construction, you will find there are many different choices to select from. You should invest some time to review the different companies and exactly what they provide, to find the one that best suits your needs. There is quite a lot to consider in your search.  The following fundamentals will assist you locating the right company for you.

  • You should consider the reputation of any company you investigate.  Get recommendations from previous customers and learn how each company worked with them.  Ultimately you want to know what they can do to help you.
  • Never base your decision on price alone.  Of course your budget should be a primary consideration, however, selecting a builder based on that single criteria may affect the quality of the build. Reputation and the quality of work should be given much more weight that the price tag.
  • It goes without saying that you should only use a builder that bears the licensing and expertise to build a quality home.  Ensure your company is professionally accredited.
  • Peruse the models and discover the style each builder specializes in.  Ultimately it’s about the home and your expectations.  You would certainly want a builder that constructs the style home you are envisioning.  Many contractors prefer to remain flexible, however, you want to be clear on what you’re looking for and receive some reassurance they are capable of producing the home you desire.
  • Personal recommendations of local friends and family are invaluable.  They can provide advice on where to begin your search and perhaps offer impressions of services provided.

Keep these important tips in mind as you search for a builder and begin construction of your new home.  Your personal preferences are paramount to the decision process and must be an integral consideration moving forward.  No one can make those choices for you, so consider carefully, gather your team, and build your dream home!


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