Spring Cleaning Time – Project Checklist & 2018 Color of the Year!

Spring Cleaning List

12 Point Spring Cleaning List

With spring comes the cleaning of closets and clearing of clutter that helps to freshen our homes from winter’s gloom. Once you’ve dusted every cobweb and washed every window, it’s possible you may decide to go a bit further. To truly give your house a facelift, changing the color can offer a completely different look and renew your home’s freshness and appeal. Before you begin to consider the possibilities,  let’s review the following checklist to ensure you’ve covered everything.

With the climate genuinely seeming like springtime, its time to consider your springtime house maintenance list.

Among the most effective means to do this is seasonal use of a maintenance checklist. If you haven’t created one yet, here are some suggestions you can customize for your home.

  1. AC & Heater check: With warmer days approaching, it’s the time to make certain your HVAC system is ready.
  2. Air Filters: Replace your filters to ensure you are cycling fresh air and also screening toxins out.
  3. Lawn Sprinkler Equipment: Examine your lawn sprinkler heads for damages and also check your system to make certain all are functioning as they should.
  4. Examine Insulation: Make sure correct insulation of home window sills, door sills and also entry ways. Fill cracks, caulking or changing when required. Correct caulking and insulation will certainly leave the heat and humidity outside, where it belongs.
  5. Inspect water drainage: With summer season rainfalls coming close, this is also a great time to examine your house and ensure your property is draining successfully. Standing water in the summertime welcomes mosquitoes and various other insects, mold and mildew development or even architectural damages.
  6. Examine Swimming Pool and Window Screens: With the warmer temperature levels come insects. Repair any kind of swimming pool enclosure damages.
  7. Examine your swimming pool maintenance: Its simple to overlook the swimming pool in the chillier months. Give your swimming pool an excellent cleaning, check pH and also alkalinity  levels. Inspect your swimming pool pump filter to make sure your system is running at peak effectiveness.
  8. Examine Smoke Detectors: It is also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. Its likewise a smart idea to dust or vacuum the detectors so they’ll work their best.
  9. Inspect Light Bulbs: Check out the light bulbs in all light fixtures to see if they are functioning and also are the right power level.
  10. Examine Electric Outlets: Examine all electrical outlets for torn cables, loosened plugs as well as overloaded electrical outlets.
  11. Fire Extinguisher: Time to keep in mind where your fire extinguisher lies and is easily accessible. Make sure that it is filled up as well, if required.
  12. Examine roof: Now is a great time to have your roofing looked over for any kind of damages.

So there you have it. A 12 point Springtime House Maintenance List that will have your home looking snappy in no time. Happy Springtime!

Now you can consider color as an option for updating your home. Individual as you are, color and the palette you use throughout your home is the first consideration you should address.

2018 Shade of the Year

Benjamin Moore has announced their color of the year for 2018 — Caliente!

Their recommendation is to move from neutral hues to bolder, more vibrant colors this year. Caliente is an energetic, strong color that will spice up your spaces and offer a whole new look. Appealing to every taste, this shade will pair beautifully with warm and cool tones to create a dynamic new space.

The Power of Red

There is nothing to fear, be bold and don’t let red intimidate you. It may seem challenging, but you’ll soon find it does a marvelous job of warming up spaces, whether you’re painting a rustic space or modern areas. Caliente will complement any room with confidence and contemporary style. Perfect to add luxury to living spaces, red excites emotions and inspires spontaneous action.

Perfect Pairings

Caliente is sensational by itself, but when coupled with cool or warm tones it will inject energy into deeper tones like cool-toned grays. Experiment with you favorites to see what mood their combination evokes in you!

Spice up your Spaces

Caliente permits us to transform any kind of space to make a statement. Capture your distinctive aspect by combining with your favorite hues. Paint colors define the space; use it to draw the eye and develop a space that represents your particular personality. From French country to contemporary, coastal to classic, Caliente will be the perfect color to compliment your style!

  • Contrasting with crisp white permits Caliente to take the spotlight.
  • A touch of red supplies a striking impression. Tones like Dreamy Cloud and Wolf Gray are great with the vibrant red.
  • As an accent wall, Caliente is an interesting accent to spruce up any space
  • Paired with warm woods, the clean lines will tie rustic settings together for the perfect blend of contemporary and rustic.

The Significance of Excellent Colors

The color palette chosen for your home is a very personal decision. Ultimately, it’s all about how the color flows from room to room, right down to the smaller details. Accents in paint and furnishings should be consistent with your overall palette. Changing it midway through your project will make your home feel disconnected, disrupting the flow and perhaps changing the impression you are attempting to reflect.

Consult a professional if you get bogged down. Color is important and should be carefully considered and defined before you ever put brush to wall. If you don’t hire a professional to help with the project, at least consult with your local home improvement store’s paint department. They can offer guidance and provide you various options in textures and finishes, and ensure you have everything you need to successfully renovate your home.

Your design should be very unique to your tastes and take into consideration all the aspects of your home, from architecture to furnishings and existing accents, all will need to coordinate with your chosen color palette.

The Goal of Spring Cleaning

Remember to have fun! Spring cleaning is how we clear our own cobwebs and get ready to enjoy the summer months. If you decide to spruce up your home with new color, spring cleaning can be especially rewarding and invigorate your home with a whole new flavor! Enjoy yourself!


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