Should You Build a Custom or Semi-Custom Home?

Should You Build a Custom or Semi-Custom Home?

Constructing a new home is certainly not to be considered an easy task. The fact is, there are a lot of essential decisions required to build your own home. But obviously, you can’t reject the idea that being part of the preparation and design procedure of home building is an amazing experience. Beyond this, contributing to what your house will be like and how it should be built can provide you a sensation of complete satisfaction, that you are actually creating your house as a reflection of who you are. Prior to you even employing skilled customized home contractors, it is a good idea to look first into the benefits and drawbacks of having a custom-made and semi-custom home.

Custom Built Home

Custom built houses offer property owners overall control of the features and quality of their homes. Of course, you will have an extremely distinct home if you are able to actually design your home. The spaces and functional aspects will be built to your particular specifications. All you require is to hire a home designer or a designer who will create the house design that reflects your personality.


  • The decision for every aspect of the home is yours.
  • You will pick exactly what items and features ought to exist in your home, making it easy for you to establish a spending plan.
  • The quality and functionality of the house is established to your individual requirements, and those of the other individuals residing in it.


  • As the one to buy everything required for your new home, it might cost you a lot of cash; you might be unclear on exactly what to buy and where to buy, to ensure you get the correct material at the best price.
  • Most of the time it takes a longer time to build a custom-made house.
  • You still have to work with a professional designer to come up with the layout or blueprint of your perfect house.
  • Financing may be an issue as most banks do not quickly authorize home construction loans.

Semi-Custom Home

With a semi-custom built home, a home contractor will provide you numerous pre-designed layout and house styles you can select from. With these options, you may still be able to make some adjustments to suit your personal style. Of course, the type of home you will build will not be completely from your own design and concepts.


  • Your home could still be a reflection of your character, however, you would spare yourself the cost and inconvenience of developing a plan of your own.
  • Some of the items and features required for the construction may be bought in bulk, which will substantially minimize their cost.
  • Your expert customized home contractors will locate the material required for the building, so you can spend less on this element.


  • Functionality and quality may potentially be jeopardized.
  • The budget set by your house contractor might put some limitation to what you in fact want to have in your house.
  • You will likely wish to do some modifications in the style of your home in the future.

An Overview of the Process of Building a Home

Here’s a list of the essential processes involved in building a home.  It’s a good checklist to be familiar with as you begin your deliberations.

  • Planning and Contracts – This is the first step, an essential part of the procedure. This is where you purchase the land, obtain financing for materials, and figure out all of the details of the land and home design that you are searching for. You will get the home plans, inform the home builders of what you desire in your home, study plans, and authorize everything before any actual building begins.
  • Bids and Permits – This is the procedure where the plans are copies, quotes are taken for subcontractors, and permits are obtained depending on which are required. Some construction businesses will maintain an existing set of suppliers that regularly work with them to build custom homes, making things much easier and much more efficient.
  • Site Work – After all the details are managed and the permits are ready, the contractors will begin work, clearing the lot, staking it for excavation, grading the lot, and excavating to install the foundation or basement.
  • Foundation – The foundation is next, so that the home can be built atop it. This could be a poured slab foundation, block foundation, or in some regional areas, a basement.
  • Rough Carpentry – This would include framing, installing windows, trusses, doors, and other frame pieces. Anything that is the base of your home, such as decks, and roofing plywood, will be added at this time.
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Specialty Add-ins – All these aspects will be roughly installed so that the drywall can be put up and the house can be completed.
  • Roof – When all that can be is rough-done, the roof will be installed and outside finishing touches will be added.
  • Insulation and Drywall – After the roofing is done, insulation is layed in and drywall goes up, and the home is ready for painting and finishing.
  • Finishing – This consists of trim work, paint, floor covering, HVAC fixtures, plumbing components, electrical fixtures, hardware, and other finishing touches that the home requires to be completely finished.

This is the standard checklist for building a house. When you hire home builders, you should be aware of what to expect and ensure these fundamental stages are being taken into consideration.

Starside is the Premier Custom Home Builder You’re Looking For

Starside Custom Builders will manage most of these issues for you.  We have significantly streamlined the process and provide a multitude of options to enhance your home from an energy standpoint and through the use of unique materials to further customize your home. Starside has all the help you need, with architectural and design teams in place to lead you to your dream home. As your premier custom home builder, we are here to make your vision a reality!


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