Here’s How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Here’s How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Having a house that is energy efficient can conserve your money, and the concept is certainly trending in the housing market. Big projects like solar energy can be one idea to enable energy savings, but there are various other, smaller actions that are simple to implement, like opting to install energy efficient devices, you can do to keep your energy costs down while helping the environment. The relatively new innovations like Smart thermostats, LED lights, and tankless hot water heaters can all help you save both money and energy.

Smart Thermostats

When thermostats gained the programmable ability of operating during set timing windows, homeowners believed the dynamic step forward was the pinnacle of technology. Today, the technology has made another advance by gaining the ability to recognize your patterns and automatically adjust settings accordingly. As nearly 40% of your energy bill is associated with your heating and air conditioning, smart thermostats can have an unexpected impact on your energy consumption.

LED Lighting

LED lights are an attractive alternative for those who want the most light for the least expense, and they are safer than other options.  Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, extremely hazardous if a bulb gets broken, and halogens bulbs provide insufficient quality of light for some tastes. In response to consumer trends, more LED options are currently offered for home use.

Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips help conserve the energy they might consume without needing to physically ensure unused devices are always disconnected. Rather, they cut the phantom power to these idle gadgets, a convenient function for power strips that are locate in harder to reach places in your home, like under the computer desk or behind the tv.

Energy Star Appliances

If you’re in the market for a brand-new home appliance, whether it’s a fridge or a microwave, considering an Energy Star appliance can save you on your energy costs tremendously. Some may even be able to pay for themselves in just a few months of ownership! Be sure to look for the Energy Star label, as not all appliances qualify for the certification. A fridge that qualifies, for example, is able to save you 9% of the energy utilized by a refrigerator that does not bear the label.

Charging Stations

Phantom power can rob you of unseen dollars, costing you as much as 8% of a home’s power. When you have an appliance or charger plugged in but not turned on, you are inadvertently using power and you end up paying for nothing. Charging stations allow you to charge your devices, but will turn off the phantom power when the device is charged completely or after a specified length of time. Stay connected and save money while maintaining your peace of mind.

Tankless Water Heating units

The usual setup of a water heater tends to be wasteful as it comes to energy, particularly when there is no immediate requirement for heated water. Water heaters are designed to heat all the water, with an extreme expenditure of energy, at the same time. Doing so spends a great deal of energy, and puts a tremendous strain on the system. This can soon mean repair expenditures, or worse, the need for a replacement. Tankless hot water heaters directly warm the water as it is used, while having only a little reserve tank for times of extreme usage.

Infrared Heating Panels

There are many advantages to utilizing infrared heating panels, however one of the most attractive factors is their energy efficiency and the subsequent cost savings. By converting electromagnetic radiation into heat, they will save you up to 70% over standard heating techniques – no matter how cold it is outside, produce no emissions (reducing your carbon footprint), and have unexpected health benefits. The infrared panels can benefit those with allergies by leaving dust undisturbed and stabilize the humidity level in your home.

Smart Windows

Many homeowners don’t appreciate the significance of the role windows play in setting the climate of your home. Windows can be a source of drafts, leaking your energy while your system tries to compensate. Smart windows can save you around 30% on your energy expense by keeping heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter.

Converting to a more energy efficient house might seem to feature exorbitant costs, however there many smaller actions you can take to begin moving toward your goal. A few basic modifications can actually reveal the benefits on your next energy bill.


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