Guidelines for Choosing the Right Combination of Home Window Styles

In numerous houses, most of windows are all the same design. This might lend one to believe that they should be identical throughout. However, various kinds of home windows serve different purposes.

If you’ve had a custom home built or done a complete window replacement, you will have had an opportunity to select home window styles. However, if that’s not the case then you’re probably stuck with whatever was least expensive and more pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint rather than a utilitarian one.

Combining different window designs in your home, or within a particular space, allows you to match the window to its purpose while maintaining the aesthetic you prefer. Before you make any commitments to a particular style of window, use the following guidelines to help with your decision making process.

Analyze Your Choices

Recognize the main function of the window

You shouldn’t follow a universal window approach to your window design. All windows aren’t best for all spaces. You’ll see differences you may think important, and others, not so much. Understand your options related to the location of the window, the layout of the room, and what your goal is for the space to determine what’s most important for the room and what style window suits the room best.

Improved ventilation

Casement home windows crank open, catching the breeze to infiltrate the room. Awning windows are typically high up on the wall and open at the bottom to assist with air distribution. Double-hung home windows have 2 operable sashes so you can bring through an awesome breeze from the bottom sash while allowing warmer air to exit from the top.

Increased natural light

Sliding windows are large and a plenty of glass to allow in even more light. Bay windows and also bow windows both extend beyond the wall, allowing sunshine from several directions.

Less intrusive to outdoor areas

Windows with gliding sashes — single-hung, double-hung and sliding — slide within the framework, so they do not intrude on outside areas or sidewalks. Awning windows are high up on the wall to offer air flow via an out-of-the-way opening.

Easier maintenance

double hung windows photo

Photo by Andersen Windows 

Double-hung windows tilt in for much easier access for cleaning of the outside of the window — an essential consideration for two-story homes or windows unreachable from the ground floor.

Identify the Architectural Style of Your Home

The window’s purpose is of course critical to any style decision, but you must also take into consideration the architectural style of your home.

Double-hung windows are traditional. Popular for more than 100 years, they match well with historic properties. They maintain the classic appeal of Colonial, Victorian, Cape Cod and other design styles from that genre. For more modern homes, casement windows are a popular choice. Their casual style and sleek look complement the simplicity and clean lines of modern design.

Traditional or modern, your home will be complimented by either casement or double-hung windows. Many choose double-hung in front to maintain curb appeal, while using casement windows in back to manage air flow and allow optimum light to enter the space.

Match Design Style in Varied Home Window Styles

Combining window types means they function differently, but doesn’t necessarily mean they have to appear as different. Most manufacturers will have designs made with colors, materials and style that run consistently through a variety of window styles, allowing you to mix the types of windows without negatively impacting the overall appearance of your home. A cohesive look is achieved when all window types bear similar options.

Cohesion can also be aided with grid lines, consistently applied in the same size and pattern on all windows, regardless of their style. It will give the home a stately look and the cohesiveness you desire.



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