Essential Furniture Options for Your New Custom Home

Essential Furniture Options for Your New Custom Home

Home furnishings are one of the most significant aspects to consider when developing a comfortable living environment. While the priority has always been to provide comfort, today’s modern furnishings offer products that go beyond comfort to offer unique style and enhancement to interior design.

Luxury Sofa Components – Often considered essential for any living room, sofa sets come in a variety of styles. Furnishings have developed from the standard sofa and loveseat to encompass sectional sofas which combine a variety of elements along with extreme comfort. Your sectional is able to include built-in recliners or even sections that convert to a sofa bed, and storage has been added in optional consoles. Made with leather or various fabrics, these pieces have evolved into a durable, easy to clean, standard for any well appointed living room.

Sofa Beds – A common, multi-purpose furniture piece, the sofa bed is perfect for occasional guests to rest in comfort. It’s a sofa until you have unexpected company, then it is able to open up to provide additional sleeping accommodations. Furniture manufacturers offer many variations of the sofa bed, available in many styles and materials to match just about any decor. Perfect in any room, from living room to study, a sofa bed is an excellent addition to your home furnishings.

Recliners – By far the most popular living room furniture piece, a recliner is hard to beat for comfort. Offered with enhancements like massage and heat, they can be more than just a place to sit down. Available as stand-alone seating or as part of a sectional unit, recliners provide the ultimate seating for relaxing after a busy day and will really pull together a room.

Quality mattresses – A beautiful bedroom set is only as good as the mattress it showcases. Invest in a quality mattress and replace it every 8 years or so. There are many quality vendors in the marketplace offering mattress options reflecting the many sleep technologies developed in recent years. While there are now sleep-number beds, water beds, and air-filled beds, even standard mattresses have developed a vast array of styles and levels of support, giving consumers more choices than they’ve ever had. A beautiful bedroom is incomplete without a comfortable mattress, so take the time to discover exactly which style is most suited to your needs.

Dining Room Sets – The kitchen and dining areas are often the heart of the home, where family gathers to share meals and discuss their day. Dining furnishings come in virtually unlimited styles, built with many different materials. You can opt for the standard table and chairs, have expansion available in your table to accommodate more diners, use a taller, bistro-style table for smaller areas, or have a drop-leaf table that will convert size as needed. Your dining set can be made of any type of wood, wrought iron, wicker and glass, or modern chrome and glass; the choices are seemingly endless. Choose the style and materials that best suit the decor of adjacent rooms or complete a unique dining ensemble that reflects your particular taste.

Realize Your Vision

While all these furniture pieces are considered essential by most, this is your dream home, so furnish it as you please.  Manufacturers have developed a wide variety of comfortable furnishing options in styles and colors to suite almost any interior design. Enjoy the process and shop carefully to achieve your vision!

Hardwood vs Softwood furniture options

While one of the most important aspects of your interior design is furnishings, homeowners that choose wood have another concern: hardwood or softwood?

Wood furniture provides a classic look and comes in many colors and finishes.  Wood furniture is categorized as hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is generally from angiosperm trees like oak and walnut. Softwood comes from gymnosperm trees like pine. They bear differences in composition, however, beyond that, both have their advantages.

Hardwood furniture is often more sturdy, and is highly compatible with many stains and finishes, offering even further variety to choose from. They typically cost more, but some feel they have the edge when it comes to aesthetics and are worth the additional cost.

Softwood is less expensive, the main advantage that generates its appeal, and is more widely available than hardwood furniture. Softwood accounts for more than half the world’s timber. As the most commonly used softwood, pine is easy to customize and takes to paint or varnish well.

When making the decision of hardwood or soft, consider durability as an important aspect. Hardwoods will require less maintenance and will withstand the rigors of daily use better, being less susceptible to dents and dings. Take into account the purpose of the furniture you’re looking for. Indoor or outdoor? High traffic or lightly used? Hardwood may be the best choice for outdoor use. Walnut, for instance, is resistant to moisture damage, making it less vulnerable to weather related damage and perfect for your patio.

Whatever your preferences, wood of any type will beautify your home, just make your selection carefully, based on your overall interior design plan and the purpose of each furnished space.


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