Develop an Elegant Bathroom Design to Maximize Resale Value

When it comes to resale, the two rooms that make the best impression are the kitchen and the bathroom. You’ll find remodeling either of these spaces will generate significant return on the investment. It may very well be the deciding factor for many buyers.

Create a Timeless Sanctuary in Neutral Tones

Create a sanctuary space in your bathroom. It should be a calm, relaxing atmosphere where potential buyers can envision themselves. Your kitchen, modern and chic, no matter what style you choose to decorate in, should be a timeless gathering place, welcoming family conversation and meals. Here are some key principles to keep in mind while considering the future value of your home.

General Color Scheme

Color scheme is an very crucial element to any remodel project, and not just in paint color. If you intend to sell your home at some point, choosing neutrals for elements of your bathroom will leave room for future paint and restyling choices. Brown, Gray, beige, and white tones are excellent options for floor covering, tile, trim, and vanities.

Neutral colors are easy to spice up with many accessory color schemes, allowing you to change the mood whenever you choose, while leaving a very inviting door open for potential future buyers. If necessary, an accent wall for a pop of bold color is easily repainted should you wish to restore the neutral tones before selling.

Fixture and Hardware Choices

While there are more choices than ever in fixtures and hardware, whatever style strikes your fancy should be carried out consistently throughout the space. Maintaining the same style and finish will promote the elegance and calm you’re shooting for. Mixing these up makes the space feel chaotic and messy. Shiny chrome is a popular favorite, but there are many more options.  For instance your hardware and fixtures can be satin black and aged or antique brass. They match very well with most decor and can lend just the right affect.


The materials and textures you choose for your bathroom surfaces can make all the difference to your overall design. Start with your color palette. Defining your palette will ensure you select the best match for your surfaces. For instance, Carrara marble is a traditional classic material and a popular choice for bathroom surfaces. It complements a gray or white color scheme, making it a versatile choice for shower tiles, vanities, and even flooring. Trendy and glamorous, Carrara marble will stand out over time and provide you a beautiful foundation for your bathroom design.

Shower glass is another surface you should consider. Use glass panels to create a steam shower or to simply showcase the beautiful materials you’ve selected for your sanctuary.


Lighting is a critical factor in creating the desired atmosphere in your bathroom, however there is also function to consider. If you’ve ever been to a spa, you may have noticed the tonality of the room intentionally changes based on the applied lighting. Bright lighting isn’t very relaxing, however there are certainly occasions where you would want it bright in your bathroom. The best way to address this is to install separate lighting, providing bright lighting options for the vanity and dimmer lighting options for that spa environment. Ideally, a dimmer switch would provide the most versatility in lighting, allowing you to set the mood exactly where you like.

Bathroom Design made Simple

Developing your restroom into an inviting sanctuary can seem challenging at first, however using these guidelines will simplify the process and help you make smart choices. Your final result will surprise you, producing a stunning bathroom with sleek textures and colors reflecting your personality while leaving room for buyers to see the possibilities for their own interpretation.


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