Check Out these Options for Natural Stone Finishes!

When someone is choosing natural stone for a new surface area in their home or business, they will usually consult a natural stone distributor or fabricator to choose a slab for their job.  The slabs are typically provided by quarries and can be finished to a polished or matte appearance. There are a variety of natural stone finishes to explore.

An additional finishing option for many natural stone surface areas is an antique finish.  These are usually described as leathered or river-washed finishes.  If you locate a piece you like, but prefer an antique finish, the fabricator or distributor could generally purchase an all-natural stone selection with that particular surface, or hire a professional to produce the desired finish on any slab you choose.

You may also have an antique finish developed on an existing installation.  The conversion process uses water, producing little or no dust.  While the desired piece is antiqued, surrounding areas are protected so that only the intended area is affected.

The following are available natural stone finishes:

Polished Finish

A polished finish is the most typical sort of surface. It’s the least porous as well, making it very stain resistant.  Extremely fine abrasive powders or diamond discs are used to create this finish, with applied heat to facilitate the development of a melted surface, ultimately producing a polished layer on the surface, called a Beilby Layer.

Honed Finish

A honed surface is a similarly smooth finish, however, a matte or satin finish is generated using lower-grit diamond abrasives or honing powders.  This kind of finish is more porous and is somewhat permeable.  Consequently, it is more susceptible to staining, however there are sealers available that can prevent staining to some degree.  Color-enhancing sealers are also available that will bring back the darker stones when honed.

Flamed Finish

A flamed finish is a rough, textured finish, applied to granite using a hot flame.  The process causes any mineral crystals to pop out, producing the texture.  It’s best for exterior applications, like pathways.

Antique Finish

Antique finishes are textured as well, similar to flamed finishes, and are often referred to as leathered or river-washed finishes.  A leathered finish results when a diamond-grit brush system is applied to the surface; and a river-washed finish is created by blasting the surface with an abrasive sand or similar material.  Leathered finishes can be created on an existing installation, where the river-washed finish may not, due to the blasting required.

All Natural Stone Makes a Statement

No matter your finish preference, natural stone is a beautiful material to work with. Explore the possibilities and select the surface finish that best fits your style.


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