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Selecting a mover you’ll be happy with will certainly make your transition very easy and free of stress. With all the focus on your brand-new home, you wouldn’t want your belongings to be at risk of arriving damaged, or not at all. You certainly don’t want any surprises regarding the cost of your move either.
As we get ready to host our holiday parties and celebrate the season with friends and family, our homes deserve a bit of special attention to ensure it’s inviting and comfortable.
You’ve done your research and you’ve chosen a builder, but are unsure of how the process starts. It all begins with the initial meeting with your builder, so it’s a good idea to go in prepared.
When it comes to resale, the two rooms that make the best impression are the kitchen and the bathroom. You’ll find remodeling either of these spaces will generate significant return on the investment.
While the priority has always been to provide comfort, today’s modern furnishings offer products that go beyond comfort to offer style and enhancement to interior design.
Prior to you even employing skilled customized home contractors, it is a good idea to look first into the benefits and drawbacks of having a custom-made and semi-custom home.
Having a house that is energy efficient can conserve your money, and the concept is certainly trending in the housing market. Innovations like Smart thermostats, LED lights, and tankless hot water heaters can all help you save both money and energy.
Convenience is everything when it comes to finding the right house, but luxury should never be compromised. Enter Normandy Estates — a European-style neighborhood in West Plano — that simply has it all.
You’ve chosen your builder and are well into finalizing your options and lot location, but there is one more major part of your new home to be accomplished.  You must plan for the sale of your former home!
If you are preparing a custom-made house project, there are important considerations you should keep in mind, consisting of professionalism, quality, client support and the security of your budget.


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