About Us

Starside Custom Builders

Crafting Extraordinary Homes

At Starside Custom Builders, we are not just constructing houses; we’re creating extraordinary homes for discerning clients who seek the exceptional. Our foundation is built on clear leadership, strategic direction, financial stability, and an ever-growing potential to innovate within the luxury home market of Dallas. Starside stands as a testament to fine home building, making us the unparalleled choice for those aspiring to unparalleled living.

A Legacy of Excellence

Our vision transcends the ordinary. In the heart of Dallas’s luxury market, we aim to construct not just homes, but wonderful places filled with life and memories. Our passion is deeply rooted in understanding and fulfilling the needs of our clients, transforming their dreams into tangible realities.

Starside Custom Builders exemplifies state-of-the-art design merged with unmatched quality craftsmanship. Our expertise allows us to bring to life the visions of our clients, wherever they choose to build, ensuring each home is a beacon of innovation and excellence.

The Starside Experience

Building More Than Homes

The journey to your dream home should be as exceptional as the destination. At Starside, we cherish this journey. Our dedication to exceeding client expectations is fueled by a profound passion and backed by over a century of combined experience in home building. We assemble a dedicated team for your project, including an architect, custom home builder, interior designer, and landscape architect, each bringing specialized expertise to craft your dream into reality.

Our process is built on collaboration and communication. By establishing clear budget parameters from the outset, we value-engineer your project to maximize quality without the need for compromise down the line. Listening is at the heart of our approach; we define your expectations and share your vision, internalizing your dream as our own. This meticulous planning allows us to present a selection of the finest building materials, ensuring that once construction commences, the experience is seamless, efficient, and above all, exceptional for you and your family.

Embrace the home building experience with Starside Custom Builders. Here, your journey to creating a home that reflects your dreams and desires is our utmost priority. Let us guide you through every step, ensuring that the process is as fulfilling and enjoyable as the outcome. Welcome to Starside, where extraordinary homes for discerning clientele are just the beginning.

Meet The Team

Chris Chorn


Phill Pourchot

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Urban

VP of Sales

Cindy Warren

VP of Operations

Griffin Gurley

Construction Manager

Samantha Ehlert

Construction Manager

Yolanda McLean

Chief Estimator

Chris Ratcliff

Construction Manager

Pam Roberts

Interior Designer