9 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Resale

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When deciding to build your dream home, often the first step for many is selling the current home.

Favorable curb appeal may be the best chance you have to sell your home quickly. It will pull prospects into the home and enhance your opportunity to find buyers quickly. It’s true what they say about first impressions, especially when putting your home on the market.

Beyond a beautiful driveway and gorgeous landscape, there is more you can do to maximize the first impression your home makes to prospective buyers.

Curb Appeal Checklist

Here are 9 easy tasks you can perform that will make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal for resale.

  1. Make Over the Entrance:Deep clean the,front entryway and everything you have arranged there.  Keep the clutter down and clean what you decide to keep. Paint or touch up any worn areas and put some sparkle into the front door by cleaning hardware and applying a fresh coat of paint. Consider a contrasting color to bring out the trim and other aesthetics of your architecture. Once everything is fresh, place a couple of potted plants on either side of the door and seating, if there’s room.
  2. Freshen Your Exterior Paint: Take an honest look at your home. Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Even though you plan to move, a fresh coat of paint will enliven your facade an help to maximize your curb appeal.
  3. Add Color to the Landscaping: Colorful potted flowers, or planted into beds, will go far to brighten the home and make it more appealing.
  4. Edge the Garden and Pathways: Installing a distinctive edge to walkways or garden beds will amp up you home’s appeal. Stone, brick, wood, concrete, or metal edging supplies a clean, professional look.
  5. Enrich Your Lawn: Mow the lawn and make a clean edge all around. Install sod or plugs, at the very least, put down some seed, to fill out any thin areas. Fertilized and treated to prevent weed encroachment, your lawn will be beautiful in no time, making it a valuable asset to your curb appeal.
  6. Repair and Clean Paved Areas: Check your paved areas for cracks and apply a sealer for asphalt, or gravel, whatever is appropriate, to restore them.
  7. Wash the Windows: It may sound like common sense, however, in all the excitement, many times they are missed. Ensure your home sparkles from all angles and clean your windows, inside and out.
  8. Consider the Roof: Even your roof needs attention. It may need repair, or perhaps just a good cleaning. If you choose to use a professional cleaning service to get this done, be sure to cover your plants, and water them well once they’re finished.
  9. Put in or Repair Outdoor Lights: Probably the easiest and most effective way to enhance your property is to install strategic lighting. There are numerous options to choose from at your local home improvement stores. Don’t forget to replace bulbs on any garage or flood lights.



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