5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home vs Purchasing an Existing Home

Reasons to Build a Custom Home vs Purchasing an Existing Home

Deciding to construct a custom-made residence vs purchasing an existing residence is certainly among the toughest choices you will make.

For a number of people, the choice starts with a financial decision. It is a typical presumption that acquiring an existing house for a reduced cost and subsequently investing money on renovations could be cheaper compared to developing a brand-new custom home.

The main benefit in purchasing an existing house is the perceived expense and ease. With an existing home, you obtain your financing , locate an excellent real estate agent in order to help you choose a property as well as make the offer. As soon as you are able to reach an agreement, you are able to close and move into your new residence within a couple of months.

Keep in mind, purchasing an existing house means you likely will not achieve your perfect vision, including whatever your dream dictates. You’ll make some concessions, or make plans to redesign or possibly make architectural modifications to change things that don’t fit the desired image. For instance, changing ineffective home windows on your “brand-new” existing house could cost you 10s of thousands.

You might discover that the residence has outdated features and/or temperature control systems, causing inadequate energy efficiency. The house likely will not feature brand-new innovations like programmable thermostats, energy-efficient appliances, security systems, etc.

The greatest negative aspect in acquiring an existing residence might be that you will not obtain precisely just what you desire. You might not love the layout, might desire that the half bathroom on the first floor was a complete bathroom or that there were one more bed room on the first floor.

The fact is, it is typically more costly to alter the framework of an existing residence, relocating doors and windows, tearing down wall surfaces, addition enhancements to the home of produce the design you actually desire and the updated technologies that you will certainly find in a brand-new customized house.

Two Times as Many Individuals Prefer a New House Over an Existing One

In accordance with recent studies, 41% prefer a recently constructed residence over an existing residence. Only 21% prefer an existing house. The remaining 38% have no preference.

If you fit in the 38% that are unsure, below are some advantages to choosing to construct a customized house to take into consideration while making your choice.

  1. Energy Efficiency: A brand-new custom-made house should be a lot more energy efficient. Much better energy star ranked home appliances, much more effective bathroom fixtures, plumbing fixtures,as well as electric wiring, an efficient cooling and heating system, full insulation, or air filtering systems.
  2. Much healthier living: A brand-new house is much less likely to have wellness worries or hazardous building materials, like an existing residencemight. Asbestos, lead paint, mold and mildew, and so on are all potential concerns in existing homes.
  3. Modern technology: A custom-made house could be developed with modern-day innovation (programmable thermostats and security systems and also various other valuable innovations) or wired for future setup of house automation like solar power.
  4. Better Financial Investment: No matter the up-front price contrasts, with a brand-new custom residence, it is more probable you will recover your financial investment when you re-sell, and also a brand-new residence will certainly call for much less repair and maintenance expenses. Also, you’ll have a guarantee with the brand-new the home to attend to anything that turns up.
  5. Fulfillment: Building a custom-made house produces a psychological link to your brand-new residence. You pick the floor plan as well as design specifics that match your character. You obtain everything you desire. Larger wardrobes, large kitchen area island, open layout, sunlit spaces, exterior cooking areas, backyard sanctuary, whatever is on your list. All comes with the “brand-new house” scent and the contentment that this is your perfect home.

Some “Difficulties” to Building A Custom Home

Unlike purchasing an existing residence, developing a customized residence will mean finding a lot to build on, along with a builder you trust. They will typically walk you through all of your options and help you with all your available choices to customize your home further.

The most significant disadvantages to building seem to be the longer duration as well as possible expenses. All this could be properly taken care of by picking the ideal custom home building contractor to direct you with the procedure and also assist you in maintaining your budget.

The Bottom Line

When you think about every one of the variables, it’s no surprise that even more individuals, by a 2-1 margin, like to construct their brand-new residence instead of purchasing an existing residence.

Dealing with an reputable contractor like Starside Custom Home Builders makes the procedure of finding a premium lot in an excellent quality community an easier procedure.


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